Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What's your Swim Number?

One result of having the pool cleaned and open all year is that one is able to take a polar bear dip on any random day. My last dip of the year was on my birthday in mid-October, just to say I did it. I think the temp had lowered to around 80.

During the "winter" months, the pool temperature (or "pinchipur" as Maren first called it) has been in the upper 50's and lower 60's. We just laugh when the kids ask to swim, because it has been uncomfortably cold just to sit out on the pool deck while they exercise their youthful insanity.

Then one day in February the kids decided they would like to swim, and we decided it was a pleasant day to sit out. The temperature was a balmy 67. Since then we have been spending gradually more and more time out by the pool, watching them spend more and more time actually in the pool. Justin took the plunge at 70 degrees, but I haven't been able to make myself get in yet. I'm still waiting for my swim number to arrive.

This weekend the pool hit 75. I've been able to walk around on the moon shelf, and Sunday actually put on a bathing suit (albeit under my clothes). But I know that my number is coming. Competitive swimmers keep their water at 78 degrees, so I decided that is my breaking in point. On the day the pool reaches 78, I will feel we have officially reached pool season, and I will go all the way in the water.

Today is good enough, though. I'm just sitting out by the pool, watching the kids play and working on my trusty laptop. The duck thermometer reads 76, while the ambient temp is somewhere in the 80's, without the notorious Texas humidity. This is the life!

What's your swim number? 80? 82? Those days are coming soon, and it's time to buy your plane tickets. Can we schedule you in for a relaxing weekend by the pool in June?

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