Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rhinestone Cowgirls

The whole Texas gang got on board to help with a birthday party for Maren's school friends. I tried to keep everything simple, so that money was spent on things the girls would take home. It ended up being both quite affordable and stress-free. The time passed with a rush, leaving us all feeling a bit breathless by the end! But I think everyone had exactly as much fun as you would expect from a 6 year old birthday party.

We started out with an activity of decorating a wooden picture frame with rhinestones, a velvet cowgirl hat, and a horse. My heart thrills to see kids doing crafts!

As each girl finished, she was decorated with a pink bandanna. We got a group photo before turning them loose with sidewalk chalk on the driveway. In pairs, Guppy took the girls on tractor rides around the yard. The temperature was about five degrees too cold for comfort, but the fun level made up for it!

Everyone tumbled back inside for presents and cake. While we were outside, the stage had been all cleared and reset by extra hands in the house. I so enjoy watching little girls get into gifts. All the little heads clustered together, each one urging, "Here, open mine next!"

I had so much fun with the cake, and all I really did was bake a flower cake and frost it green. The topper was a little Breyer stable kit that had all the fancy I needed. Each guest was then sent home with a set of tiny Breyer horses and their finished photo frame, complete with a print of the group photo we had taken an hour earlier, thanks to Justin and James.

These little girls are all so sweet. I have been enjoying getting to know them from parties and from visiting Maren in her classroom. I am constantly struck by the fact that they, along with Maren, are learning their social graces right here in front of me.

After the girly party broke up, we broke out the hot dogs and steak for a family dinner. Maren enjoyed getting even more gifts from the family.

I wondered how we would top last year, and I think this was the best way: scaled back yet still fun.

To see more photos of this fun day, click here: Rhinestone Cowgirls

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