Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Memorable Evening

January marks Dawn's birthday, and Jim decided to throw a party for her 60th this year. It sounded so simple, just some handmade invitations and a catered candlelit dinner at 7F Lodge for 50 of her closest friends....

As the party approached we found ourselves putting our heads together to work out details like decor, music, cake, and out of town guests. We ended up booking two bands: the elegant jazz quartet that plays on First Fridays in Bryan, and of course Tim and The Burdines (our very own, otherwise nameless, in-house band).

The cake was ordered from Cinderella Stories, who made James and Whit's wedding cake. It was definitely a birthday cake, probably the best one ever! French vanilla with raspberry almond filling and buttercream frosting, I believe.

Wesley came to town to help celebrate. Many more wished to be here but had to settle for being here in their hearts.

I got Jim's blessing to head up the decoration committee, and something inside me switched into overdrive. I found some terrific decorations for 90% off at After-Christmas sales, ordered dark blue tablecloths from the party store, and prepared almost 200 candles for decorative effect.

My own favorite part of the decor were the 8" silver foiled paper maiche ornaments that we hung from the rafters and lights for a dropped ceiling effect.

I think Dawn's favorite thing was the blazing chapel.

It was so much fun to put on a party for the one who is usually the party planner and detail person. We also prepared a slide show and memory book as souvenirs, which both turned out to be awesome elements.

By the time it was over, I felt as satisfied, and as tired, as if I had just put on a wedding for myself with three weeks of preparation. My tastes have changed so much since my own wedding ten years ago, and I don't think I would have done much better than this if I had it to do all over again right now. And Dawn was so appreciative, it made the effort all worthwhile.

Happy Birthday, Grammy!

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  1. "Memorable Evening", Indeed!!
    *****5 Star Master Decorator & overall coordinator of the best Birthday Party Ever!

    I Loved it all!

    God gave us boys to raise...but, Woo Hoo...He then gave us the most awesome daughter-in-laws!! :)


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