Friday, August 17, 2007

Ten Years!

As you may know, two days after arriving in Texas we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on August 15. As a special gift for this road-weary couple, we were treated to 2 nights at a local bed-and-breakfast, complete with a Texas-sized surf-and-turf dinner in our cabin, our own Texas flag to fly... wherever, and 48 hours of babysitting by Justin's parents.

On our anniversary each year we try to take time to stop and reflect on our journey thus far, and look ahead to what the next 10 years might bring. Having our special day fall when it did this year, and having it be such a significant one, really seemed to mark the end of one chapter and the beginning of another in our marriage.

In the first ten years of our marriage we lived in Southern and Northern California, Michigan and Utah. We have owned two homes and seven cars, and added two people to the population of the Earth. We worked in the film industry, for a company that won two Academy Awards while we were there. We helped start a church, and both of us have started our own business. Along the way we have made lots of friends, many of whom helped us to stretch our view of people and the world. All of our brothers have gotten married in that time, and one has made us aunt and uncle two times already. It sure felt like we squeezed a lot into that time!

About six years ago we sat down for one of our reflective sessions and asked ourselves where we would like to be in five to ten years. Our answer included horses, family, and Christian ministry. Five years ago we began thinking we might like to move to Texas. We got a head start on the ministry part when we joined the team in Salt Lake a few months later. But despite having made that significant (and worthwhile) side trip along the way, somehow here we are five years later, with two days to spare!

It's funny, this anniversary brought such a sense of completion of goals, that during our special dinner we found ourselves unable to discuss any goals for the next ten years. This year, we just savored being at the finish line of one big goal. The only goal I have right now is to stay in one place while the kids are growing up. I believe the rest will unfold as we get settled in to our new home town.

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