Friday, May 6, 2011

Clearing Fog

Ahh, a month has passed since I last posted. Sometimes you have to walk away from good things in your life for a season, in order to focus on things of higher priority.

Becoming a homeschool mom seems to have taken about the same amount of start up energy as adding a new member to our family: ten weeks of fog and a gradual approach to a new normal.

Today technically marks the end of our seventh homeschool week. Three more weeks until the end of the local district school year, meaning the ten week mark will coincide with my kindergarten son coming home to join us. Three more weeks to "get the hang of it" in an experimental-type setting. Then our June road trip, a July break including science camp, and an August dive in to the new paradigm.

And I think we are well on our way to success with this adventure, although the sacrifice so far amounts to exactly what I thought: less time and energy for writing and discipleship outside the home. Practically none, in fact.

Yesterday, upon finding me stretched out on the floor, putting every ounce of my pathetic brainpower into deciding which of three options to make for dinner, the Captain rightly assessed I had nothing left to offer the day and shooed me out of the family circle. So I took to bed at 7pm last evening, full of migraine and mental fatigue.

Sure enough, I awoke at 3am full of anticipation for a new day. And here I am, blogging in the blessedly quiet wee hours. This needs to become habit. If only I could do something about my need for sleep...


  1. "less time and energy for writing and discipleship outside the home. Practically none, in fact." Aaww, but what important discpleship you're now able to do at home, all day. Some moments being better than others, but all moments needing Jesus. And here, you can actually talk about Him.

  2. 3 a.m.! That's a lot of quiet time! Congratulations on your first 7 weeks. It gets easier, I promise!

  3. You still ministering to your family, and to us on Twitter and here, Krista! I'm glad to read that you feel success in this transition. I'll keep praying for your homeschool adventures!


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