Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Life According to TMBG

Here's a fun challenge posted by a FB friend: Using song names from only one artist, answer the following questions. I couldn't resist, since I define my life by this band's lyrics already.

Note: You may correctly notice a lack of thoughtful entries the last few weeks. For one thing, I came home from my vacation with a nasty cough that is still pestering me. For another, I've been lost in the throes of end-of-summer-vacation chaos. Thankfully, school resumed yesterday.

I've also had a lot on my mind that I haven't been ready to process in front of my loyal audience. Sometimes you just have to think things through before you spew them all over the internet. Remember that Circle of Quiet I've been looking for? Yep, still looking. I'll be back soon, but I've gotta get some other structure built back into my routine so I can EARN the freedom to blog.

Now for my answers to this silly quiz. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, They Might Be Giants is a fun, quirky band that has recently released several kid-targeted albums in addition to their already inner-child-centric repertoire.

They Might Be Giants

Am I a male or female? She's Actual Size

A Self-Description: (She Was A) Hotel Detective

How do I feel? Don't Let's Start

Where I currently live: In the Middle In the Middle In the Middle of the Block

If I could go anywhere, I would go to: Cowtown

My favorite form of transportation: They'll Need a Crane

My best friend is: Particle Man

My best friends and I are: Lazy Head and Sleepy Bones

Let's talk about the weather right now: Pencil Rain

My Favorite time of day: Sleeping in the Flowers

If my life was a T.V. show, it would be called: Whistling in the Dark

What is life to me? A Road Movie to Berlin

My Relationship: Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love

My Fear: Someone Keeps Moving My Chair

My best piece of Advice: Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head

Thought for the day: Who Put the Alphabet in Alphabetical Order?

How I would like to die: I Hope that I get Old Before I Die

My Soul's Present Condition: Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes

My Motto: Make a Little Birdhouse in Your Soul

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  1. i would have picked them too. i've seen this floating around the 'net.

    too bad dave doesn't like TX, there's some cool residential programs down there...



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