Tuesday, August 5, 2008

In Edouard's Path

Radar Shot with Bryan/College Station in the Center

We are finally having a rainy day here in College Station, thanks to today's hurricane that blew ashore in Galveston and made a beeline right for us. You can see from this image posted on the local newspaper site just a few minutes ago that we are right in the middle of the storm at the moment. We have been told to expect 3-4" of rain, and 40 mph winds. So far we have had rain for a solid 90 minutes, but no wind.

This morning, in anticipation of our first official hurricane weather of the season, the kids and I walked around the property and secured all the trikes, bikes, sand pails and swim floaties. The rain started gently about 3pm, and the kids were inspired to don raincoats to go play on the playset.

Half an hour later, they tumbled back inside for hot cocoa and popcorn. After all, you have to use any excuse you can for hot drinks around here. Now we are just enjoying the different pace a rainy day can bring.

Justin's had to take his driving test to get licensed in Texas, and you might know he ended up scheduling it for the middle of this afternoon, during the heaviest part of the rainstorm. I have yet to hear how it turned out, hopefully not so much of an adventure that he has to go back and try again!

That's about all going on here this afternoon. Jesse refused his nap again, now I am hoping for an early bedtime. For him mostly, although I wouldn't mind for myself either.

At 100 miles from the Gulf, I think we are just too far inland to get a very hurricane experience. I don't mind, but it is really good to get some soaking rain for our parched plants and grass.

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