Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Little Chef

As you probably know, I love to be in the kitchen. I love eating good food, definitely. But there is something magical about making it yourself. Nothing makes me happier than providing good food for those I love.

Well, as usually happens, my interests tend to influence the interests of my children. Of course, they love to eat. And as they are growing, they can frequently be found in the kitchen with me. Maren likes to make her own stew out of whatever I am cooking up. And Jesse, well he just likes to be in the middle of whatever I am doing.

On a recent night, Jesse helped me make Pizzeria Pizza. I am curious what it is about red sauce that especially entices young chefs to get involved. Perhaps there is a subconscious connection with painting. Or the circus.

Relax, that spoon didn't get licked until all the sauce was hygienically spread onto the dough. Honest. And I never said the kids get involved entirely for altruistic purposes. I find that sometimes, bribing someone into a desirable activity can lead to the activity being repeated later for its own reward.

I always expected Maren to take after me in this interest, but I guess it stands to reason that since I spend so much time in the kitchen, Jesse would pick it up just by osmosis. And anyone in the house can testify to you, this boy loves to eat. So I feel I am doing a good deed by teaching him how to provide food for himself. Perhaps a young lady will thank me someday.
This particular night, the pizza turned out spectacularly well. I had fresh mushrooms, and the ones that didn't get eaten by my kids ended up turning that pizza into a magical piece of heaven.

Jesse was so excited to try it, he couldn't decide between changing his clothes himself to be ready for dinner, or waiting for someone to help him. After a moment of the first option, he gave up and came to check out the wonderful smell.

We did take care of that detail before sitting down to eat.

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