Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's Beginning to Look...

Oh, who am I kidding? Let me stop there for a moment. Let's say, if I really use my imagination, it's beginning to look a lot like people are putting up the Christmas cheer all over town.

River Center Mall in San Antonio

I have done my Christmas shopping in good faith that this is the season, since it is the one that comes after Thanksgiving. We have lit the tree, hung the Christmas lights, and even baked a few goodies. Traditional Christmas busyness is crowding our family calendar.

Yet for this transplant from the Great Lakes, recently hailing from the home of the Greatest Snow on Earth, Looks Like Christmas is still missing something.

There are green leaves still on the trees, which sets my internal clock to September. There are brown leaves blowing off the trees, and the occasional cold November rain to set that clock to late Fall. And do you remember that time a few months ago in your own house, when the ladybugs were everywhere for a few weeks? Our ladybugs just started to come inside a week ago. Although yesterday was cold, today feels like a gusty March day. I am having quite a challenge to believe that Christmas is upon us.

Playing outside with no coats, on December 6

The disparity of climate from what I expect was especially noticeable during our weekend in San Antonio. The flower beds had poinsettias planted in them, the River Walk was bedecked with lights, garland and a festive atmosphere; yet we were walking around in shorts and sunglasses!

I hear that the weather, while not out of the ordinary for this season, is also not the norm for every year. Apparently the group we traveled with had made this pilgrimage two years ago, and their experience that time involved blankets, gloves, sharp wind and cold noses. So I will count my blessings to be enjoying this temperate weather in mid-December.

An historic building, seen from Alamo Plaza

Good news is, we are traveling to Ohio in a couple weeks. I am hopeful that our visit to the Great White North will include some white, and also reset my internal clock to believe that the year is about to end and a new one about to begin. Perhaps once I can get that into my subconscious brain, I will be better prepared to face the Texas winter and appreciate its variety. After all, it only lasts about six more weeks!

The sun sets on another beautiful day, December 9

Anyone feel the need to escape the gripping cold for a few days in January? There is a guest room open, now that James and Whit are buying their own home! This is a fun place to visit in the winter.

Even if it never really Looks Like Christmas.

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