Friday, September 21, 2007

Between One Thing and Another

So this morning, Jesse wanted to play outside. I thought, hey, that's a good idea, I'll go sit outside with him and read my Bible, write in my journal, and drink my coffee on this beautiful morning.

Well before I even sat down I heard the pool filter start up for the morning. I thought it would be a good time to go into the pool deck and check out the critters in the skimmer baskets before moving on with the reflective part of my morning. So I set down my books and my coffee and took JJ to check out the wildlife. But something was different this morning; the basket wasn't filling correctly and thus air was being filtered through the system and back in through the circulation pump. I realized that more water needed to be added to the pool, so started to figure out what that involved.

Then behind me I heard a crash and belatedly realized the dog had been drinking my coffee and thanked me by knocking my FAVORITE mug on the ground and breaking it into smithereens. Yuck and aaugh! I stopped to clean that up, then climbed tentatively into the vine patch behind the house to look for the faucet for the hose.

Found the hose, turned it on, went back into the pool deck to check that I had done it correctly. Got Jesse out of the pool deck, latched and padlocked the gate, and began to think about sitting down for that Bible moment.

Of course Jesse decided that now he wanted to go inside to play, and nothing I said could dissuade him from it. At the moment his hand turned the door knob, I looked to the side and realized I had also somehow turned on the soaker hoses that irrigate the flowerbeds. So I veered off to the side, back to the vine-covered area to figure out how to turn that off. Five minutes later I had success so went inside to find Jesse and get a refill on my coffee.

At this moment I found out what Jesse had been up to. While I was distracted, he had carried the orange cat into his tunnel and trapped him there, I am not sure why. After Grammy rescued the cat, he proceeded to chase it around the house with his little push truck, and that is when I walked in.

Yikes! I still haven't gotten to that quiet time. I think the moment has passed for now. I have to capitalize on this movie hour for hygeine and mental health purposes. Maybe later....

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